Minnesota Taiko, done Issho Style

Issho was amazing. Issho was first-time-ever exciting. Issho was also exhausting, and I have not truly understood what it means to “leave everything you have on the stage” before Tuesday night.

This means it’s time to thank all of the talented groups who took to the stage. Thank you, Kogen Taiko for coming out of retirement and showing the kids how Buddhist taiko drummers throw down the zen. Thank you, Ensō Daiko for bringing your power and professionalism. Thank you, St. Olaf Taiko for coming all the way up from Northfield to represent collegiate taiko. Thank you, Taikollaborative for bringing your fun and ferocity. Finally, thank you Harisen – or as we refer to each other, my fellow Harisentients – for working so hard for so long to get this night to happen. To all of you, in each and every group, know that this event would have been diminished without you there. We gathered, supported each other, and performed as a community.

Finally, we must thank our sold-out audience. For being there with us. For supporting us. For not freaking out all four times the lights went out (you had to be there, it was fine). For helping us raise $1,646.81, which was divided between The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM) and the Twin Cities Japanese American Citizen’s League – Education Committee (TC-JACL). Finally, for making more noise than the average Minnesotan is comfortable with and screaming your lungs out.

Thank you! Thank you all.

Photo courtesy of Michael Lavine

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