Introducing: The Harisen Beard-Off, Facial Follicle Fest-O-Rama

Every week prominent beards from the realms of SciFi and Fantasy will face-off to see whose bristles are best. Going from a field of eight bushy battlers, your vote will decide the one beard to rule them all.

Oct 22 – Beards in Space
Spock vs Riker -and- Obi-Wan vs Luke

Oct 29 – Beards of Yore
Gimil vs Gandalf -and- Davos vs Tormund

Nov 5 – Semifinals; Tonsorial Titans Claim Their Genre
Star Trek winner vs Star Wars winner -and- Lord of the Rings winner vs Game of Thrones winner

Nov 14 – The FINALS; One Beard To Rule Them All
SciFi winner vs Fantasy winner

The contest begins next Tuesday (10/22) when we see the beards of SciFi reach for the pomade, and trust to their trimmers. The voting will take place right here on Facebook where YOU get to decide which beard wins until Give To The Max Day via your donations. Polls will be posted on Tuesdays, starting October 22, and closed Sundays at 10pm.

When the winner is decided, we will commemorate their glorious whisker-victory with a video of us paying their song while wearing beards. Yes, all of us, wearing beards.

It’s going to get hairy!

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