The Harisen Beard-Off: Round 1 Results

Round 1 of The Harisen Beard-Off: Facial Follicle Fest-O-Rama is complete! 🧔

Our Winners Are: 📯


Round 1A

beards_0000_spock beards_0001_Riker
Commander Riker
, who boldly got 83% of the vote


Round 1B

beards_0006_Obi Wan beards_0007_Luke

Luke Skywalker, who had The Force and 74% of the vote with him
These contenders will go beard-to-beard in the SciFi Semifinals on November 5th to decide whether the Trek or the Wars will represent the Stars in the finals on November 14th.
But watch this feed tomorrow, Tuesday October 29th, when the whiskers of wizards and warriors wage war across Westeros and Widdle… uh, Middle Earth in Round 2! 😲

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