There Will Be Blood – For GttMD 2019

Happy Halloween from the darkened vaults of Harisen Daiko! Where we, the afflicted with the dual-curse of rhythm and geekiness produce twisted creations that… Okay, I’ll cut to the case. It turns out being a bit gory can be hard work.
We’re bringing you original video content every Thursday in our run up to Give to the Max Day on November 14th. On that day you can support local taiko and our madness with a donation (
After you’ve enjoyed this video, why not participate in The Harisen Beard-Off: Facial Follicle Fest-O-Rama? We’re in Round 2 this week, the Fights of Fantasy.
Davos vs Tormund:
Gimli vs Gandalf:
Missed our previous videos? No worries, we have you covered.
The Witcher 3, Silver for Monsters
Recovered Archival Footage
Share and enjoy!


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