The Harisen Beard-Off: Round 3

Welcome to The Harisen Beard-Off: Facial Follicle Fest-O-Rama. New polls are being released every Tuesday and closing early Monday morning to decide which SciFi or Fantasy beard is the the mightiest.
In round three the domains of SciFi and Fantasy will decide their champions. The final two will face each other, bristling, in the finals on November 14th.
Visit us on GiveMN on the day to vote for the winner while supporting Harisen Daiko.

Round 3A: The Beard of the Stars

Commander Riker (Trek)  vs  Luke Skywalker (Wars)


Round 3B: What goes best with ginger whiskers; thrones or rings?

Gimli son of Gloin (LoTR)  vs  Tormund Giantsbane (GoT)

Voting for Round 2 closes on Monday Morning on November 11th!

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