Beard-Off Finals: Gimli vs Luke!



YOU can choose the champion with your CashDollarBucks right here at GiveMN.

In Round 3, Gimli son of Gloin upbraided Tormund Giantsbane with 78% of the vote and the famous Son of Skywalker forced a victory over William Riker with 67%.

Both now move on to battle for the ultimate title in The Harisen Beard-Off: Facial Follicle Fest-O-Rama, conducted on GiveMN ( via your donations.

Either choose a pre-set amount in support of your chosen contender, or enter your own amount and DESIGNATE it using the selector at the bottom of the section (see provided image for reference).

Screenshot Of Donation Options
Screenshot Of Donation Options

The final Champion will be chosen at 11:59 pm on November 14th, which is the end of Give To The Max Day.

We’ll also be posting videos throughout the day on Thursday right here on Facebook. So if you like your taiko geeky, watch this space and support us via GiveMN.


We will be perform a song, and post a video in the honor of the winner, WHILE WEARING BEARDS.

The performing of the song… Though if I post the video… I have a beard, so…

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