What’s All This Then?

Here you can read about our history, learn about our name, where we tend to make loud noises, and how we qualify as the geekiest taiko in Minnesotsa.

Unconventional Percussionists

Our members range in age from their 20s to their 70s and have been playing from anywhere between just a year or so to well over a decade, which means that none of us can agree on which Batman, Star Trek, or Doctor Who is best. That last bit doesn’t have a lot to do with drumming, but it’s true nonetheless.

Secrets of the Initiated

We actually do things together apart from drumming. We get together to defeat escape rooms, watch movies, play games, and potluck like bosses. We have a long-standing book club. There is no rabbit hole we can resist when trying to have a quick discussion, and we tend to sobremesa (hang around and talk) after nearly everything we do. Even though only one of us speaks fluent Spanish.

Origin Story

We gathered in 2012 under the assumption that a local Science Fiction and Fantasy convention could do with some Taiko, which then led to our first performance at CONvergence in 2013. Since then we have never stopped bringing our passion, our creativity, our unabashed geekiness (and the occasional kazoo), to everything we do.

The Stars That Guide Us

When we formed our group, we knew we were going to take Taiko to geeky places, and that our journey would be collaborative, encouraging, and based on group consensus. We are not traditional, not formal, and decidedly weird.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized for educational and charitable purposes, we aim to share this art form with our community through our performances. By making Taiko available and approachable to and for events and venues that would otherwise be unable to make Taiko part of their festivities, and to audiences who might otherwise never have seen it before.